In-Your-Home Personal Training

Paul Dodd Fitness offer convenient, result-oriented, in-your-home personal training to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. Serving the entire Denver Metro area, Paul Dodd has individualized programs to meet your needs, from fat loss to injury rehabilitation.

If you want results you can actually see, I’m the trainer to come to. -Paul Dodd

Personal Training for Toning or Muscle Building

Getting toned means building up your muscles a little bit while lowering your body fat. Depending upon what suits you best, a whole body or split routing will be custom created and followed closely. Be prepared to be motivated and safety is the key! Food and drink will also be analyzed and an example menu based on the foods you enjoy will be created for you. You will certainly enjoy the results!

Personal Training for Losing Fat the Right Way

Your food and drink is analyzed and an example menu is given out. You will be instructed, how, what and when to eat. I work with the foods you already like. This NOT a “temporary fix” diet, but rather a way of how to eat for the rest of your life! The results last! A resistance and strength-enhancing routine that can be done in your home is included.

Personal Training for Strengthening and Rehabilitating Weak or Injured Areas

With excellent knowledge of the human body and functional anatomy, and working closely with your doctor/physical therapist, we will bridge the gap between physical therapy and normal functional movement. My goal is to make your injured or weak area stronger than it was before the injury. Proper body mechanics, spinal and core stability and functional training is taught to you to avoid further injury. Special attention is also given to strengthening the whole body


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