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The Trick to Fitting Cardio Into Your Life

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So you have a specific program you’re supposed to do… but when you keep track of it, you just don’t want to do the cardio…

Here’s a “trick”…

Remember that movie you wanted to watch, but never got around to it? Have a TV you can watch from your Cardio equipment?

Finish the movie in 3 Cardio workouts.

ONE: Watch the first 30 minutes and hit Pause.

TWO: One or 2 days later watch the next 30 minutes and hit Pause.

THREE: On your 3rd Cardio workout, attempt to finish the movie. Bang! You finally watched that movie, AND you got in THREE great Cardio workouts!

Many modern Cardio equipment have “built-in” Programs that can keep you in the proper “Heart Rate Zone.” Once you know what “Zone” is good for you, the equipment will do the rest, so you can enjoy that movie! I always suggest, however, to manually check your pulse — just to be sure.

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