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The Trick to Fitting Cardio Into Your Life

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So you have a specific program you’re supposed to do… but when you keep track of it, you just don’t want to do the cardio…

Here’s a “trick”…

Remember that movie you wanted to watch, but never got around to it? Have a TV you can watch from your Cardio equipment?

Finish the movie in 3 Cardio workouts.

ONE: Watch the first 30 minutes and hit Pause.

TWO: One or 2 days later watch the next 30 minutes and hit Pause.

THREE: On your 3rd Cardio workout, attempt to finish the movie. Bang! You finally watched that movie, AND you got in THREE great Cardio workouts!

Many modern Cardio equipment have “built-in” Programs that can keep you in the proper “Heart Rate Zone.” Once you know what “Zone” is good for you, the equipment will do the rest, so you can enjoy that movie! I always suggest, however, to manually check your pulse — just to be sure.

How To Find A Good Personal Trainer For In Home Training

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There are various avenues to finding a Personal Trainer to train you in your own home. They range from asking the managers at local gyms and recreation centers to doing a Google search, such as “In Home Personal Training” followed by your zip code. However, how do you find a good personal trainer who will meet your needs? Here are some helpful suggestions!

1. Does the Trainer have a Nationally Accredited Personal Training certification? Some gyms and recreation centers will certify their trainers with their own “in-house” certification, which may not be valid outside of that particular gym / recreation center. Some of the better nationally certified personal trainer certifications are NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). ACE (American Council on Exercise) is a very common certification, but in my opinion, it’s a good “starter” certification. This doesn’t mean that if a trainer only has ACE that he or she is not that good. It only means that, in my opinion, they should be looking towards adding a more in-depth certification in the near future. The trainer should be able to show you printed-out proof of their certification. Also, make sure it is current.

2. Does the Trainer have Insurance for training clients in their home? The trainer should be able to show you printed-out proof of insurance that covers them training clients in their home. Make sure it is current.

3. Does the Trainer have First Aid, CPR, and AED certification? The trainer should be able to show you printed-out proof of this. As with the other certifications, make sure it is current.

4. How many years’ experience does the Trainer have (1) doing Personal Training and (2) doing Personal Training in client’s homes? Limited experience is not a bad thing, but years’ experience – especially with In-Home personal training – can be a good thing!

5. I Suggest Doing a Background Check on the Trainer. Keep in mind, if you hire this trainer, this person will be in your house – possibly on a regular basis!

6. Does the Trainer have a list of References you can contact? Just about anyone can make a nice first impression. However, if you speak to at least a few of the references over the phone, they might “open up” to you about things the trainer does or doesn’t do which may be a concern to you. A great example is, does the trainer wipe his or her feet (or remove shoes) before he or she comes walking in to your home? I personally like people who are conscientious of things that do not belong to them.

7. What is the Availability of the Trainer? This goes almost without saying, but sometimes people forget to ask. Can this trainer train you at times and days that are workable or convenient for you?

8. Finally, is there any Contract for the training, and will you have to pay for any sessions that you have to cancel? If there is a contract, make sure you are comfortable with it.

This list may not be complete, and not everyone will agree with it. However, I hope it helps you in your search for a good In Home Personal Trainer!

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